Kyros Melas

Kyros Melas is a successful businessman and an aficionado of fine wine and Greece.

The inner strength that drives him to produce great wine is based on a personal challenge.

It all started during a dinner in Zurich, while drinking Chateau La Fleur. He bet on Greece, taking up a fellow diner’s challenge that he could make a better wine than Chateau La Fleur in his homeland - Greece.

Even though that bet hasn’t been won yet, Melas is very close to reaching his goal, because he is a perfectionist. So, at the La Tour Melas estate everything has been done properly, from the design and planting of the vineyard to the winery and the guesthouses.

His success is obvious, as he managed to make what, by general admission, is a very good wine in a region without a winemaking tradition – further proof that there’s a wine-land in every corner of this country.


Panos Zoumboulis

Food Technologist, Enologist, Msc in Wine tasting.

Graduate of Bordeaux University, with a thirty-year experience and presence in the wine world and enological advisory in Greece and abroad. He is specialized in organic and biodynamic farming of vines and olive trees.


Eric Moro

Agronomic training.

Follows the evolution of nine vineyards in the world and the planting in more than ten different countries. Specialized in organic and biodynamic methods. He has 15 years of experience in the follow-ups of vineyards.


Elsa Picard

Diploma in Molecular Biochemistry, Msc Enology.

Graduate Toulouse University in France, with working experience in wineries in Bordeaux, in South and Southwest France (Ch. Lagarde, Ch. Le Bouïs, Ch. De Rhodes). Due to her experience in wine making and consulting (Greece, France, Argentina), she has worked with a wide range of different products, from high quality wines to wines of wide consumption. As the vineyard is also part of enology, she has always been present and working with the viticulturists, including at La Tour Melas.