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La Tour Melas

“La Tour Melas” is situated in central Greece, 80km from Mount Parnassos above the ancient village of Echinos. The vineyard faces south, surrounded by virgin oak forest, and olive groves. The easiest way to reach “La Tour Melas” is to head from Lamia (a city 220km north of Athens) towards Thessaloniki, using the highway E75. 33km later you will arrive at the village of Achinos, which is the modern name of the ancient Echinos. Ask for “La Tour Melas” or in Greek “O Pyrgos tou Mela”. You are just 5km away.

La Tour Melas 35300 Achinos Greece
Tel +30 6942 79 31 01
Fax: +30 223 80 41 288
E-mail: [email protected]



Katerina Tsimpouri
+30 6942 79 31 01
[email protected]


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Giannis Fines
+30 6958 46 75 58
[email protected]


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